The Sea of Thoughts

One morning a woman finds to be unable to use her voice. Instead of her reflection in the mirror she faces a stranger, who looks like her but has blue skin. While taking a shower blue, watery hands embrace the woman while she dives into a sea of thoughts. There, the boundary between reality and imagination is lost. Facing her insecurity and fears, she meets her blue spiritual nemesis. She remembers that in her thoughts she can fly and reach freedom. She gradually learns to accept her darker side and regains her ability to speak.


Hana Tintor

Zagreb, 1992.

Hana Tintor worked as art director and animator on Marko Dješka’s animated documentary All Those Sensations in my Belly. At the beginning of 2020 she wrote the story of Lola&Betti – idea for a short web series for young adults. The project got selected for the pitch on CEE Animation Forum with special mention.
In 2021. she finished her first animated film, The sea of thoughts.

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