Fall of Rome

After the Great War, the few survivors huddle together in the post-apocalyptic paradise of the Dome. There they continue to worry about inflation, interior furnishing and the hordes of mutant frog-people waiting at the gates, eager to devour their children. Despite the danger, the children of Carl venture outside the Dome and confront the Enemy.

Director: Balázs Turai

Screenplay: Balázs Turai, Clare Macdonald

Sound: Péter Benjámin Lukács

Art direction: Márk Juhász

Editing: Vanda Gorácz actors: Artúr Kálid, Adél Jordán

Producers: Péter Benjámin Lukács, Gábor Osváth, Drasko Ivezic

Balázs Turai

Budapest, 1984.

Studied animation and performance for two years at ERG St. Luc, Brussels and obtained an MA in Animation Design at MOME, Budapest.

For three years Balazs worked as a graphic designer and animation artist for Prezi.com. Then as a freelancer, he created the political web-series Oligarchia and co-directed the mixed animation-live action documentary Prisoners of Tales. Currently developing an animated adventure series with Flora Buda, called The Piracy of Princess Priceless.

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