The Pet Named Stress

The Pet Named Stress

After three girls in the neighborhood dismiss Greta, she becomes dreadful. On her way home, she finds a messy unusual creature and adopts it. As Greta feels uneasy about the girls’ denial, her new pet shows an aggressive nature and destroys everything in the house. Scared and defeated, Greta leaves the creature in the woods. But because of the guilt, she brings it back and names it Stress. She uses books on training and begins to tame it. Finally, they become friends and one day demonstrate tricks in the neighborhood. Three girls approach Greta and Stress, wanting to become friends.

Laura Martinović

Zagreb, 1993.

Laura Martinović graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, on Graphic Department in Zagreb, Croatia. She studied one semester at Ulster University in Belfast, UK on department of illustration and photography. After her studies, she did professional practice at Metafora Art School in Barcelona, Spain as an illustrator and animation artist where she began to explore 2d animation. She does experimental 2d animation with elements of collage and drawing, and children short animated films of which The Pet named Stress got Special mention from CEE Animation Forum (2020). Since 2019 she is working with Adriatic Animation Studio in Zagreb as director and animator.

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