Secret of the Cloudy Space Burger

Secret of the Cloudy Space Burger

The final food delivery exam for Gastro Space Academy leads gastronaut Beefycake to meet a space ninja (codename: Fluff Lord) who shows him a real nature of Cloudy Space Burger, the planet of tiny people under the threat of disappearing into a black hole. Suddenly the space police locates and chases Fluff Lord out of Beefy’s ship. Beefycake and his trusty lieutenant Disco Kokoshka are able to save tiny people from starving by teleporting them pizzas.

Status: script development, development started (18.000 € secured from Croatian Audiovisual Centre)
Searching for: co-development studio/co-production (additional design, technical pipeline, editorial, music)
Development blog: Beefycake Tumblr

Get involved. Write us to development (at) with your motivation.

Tea Stražičić

Dubrovnik, 1990.

Magistrate of Animation, attended Animation Sans Frontiers and the Open Workshop residency. She worked as VJ FluffLord for iva Muzika, Hartera festival, DragRAM, Vox Feminae, and made visuals for Animafest in 2016. Her work was published in Heavy Metal and The Creators Project.

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