Breakdown (Slom)

A three-minute movie showing an elephant-headed man twitching and writhing. It was done as a thesis movie with the sole intention of creating a beautiful coreography for a fucked up cartoon character dwelling in a kind of a bathroom purgatory. The accompanying score is a pice by UK’s Aufgehoben, a collective of musicians who create earth-shattering yet meticulously crafted noise compositions. The track Acts Romans was taken from their sixth album Fragments Of the Marble Plan.

Production: Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb

Distribution: Zagreb film

David Lovrić

Bihać, 1986.

David Lovrić lives in Zagreb. His thesis movie Breakdown was selected for student competition at the Annecy animation festival in 2014. He completed his residency at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark earlier this year where he wrote the story for a six minute movie called Holy Men.

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